What We Do

Analytica Now provides research services in biostatistics, economic analysis, and public policy analysis to business enterprises, non-profits, foundations, research organizations, and government agencies. In particular, we specialize in clinical data analytics, economic analysis, return on investment (ROI) analysis, as well as program design and evaluation. We also help clients design and analyze surveys, produce opinion articles, summarize existing evidence on specific topics, and write grant and contract proposals. More details about our services are here.

Our Values

We believe obtaining meaningful data, using the right tools, and generating insightful interpretations are keys to our effective decision-making and success.

  • We care about data. We collect and analyze data using the same care as we treat people with respect and dignity. No matter how intelligent we are, without meaningful data, the results are useless or even misleading.
  • We emphasize the right methodologies rather than sophisticated ones. We believe that no matter how advanced our methods are, they are tools only, and tools have to match with the problem and data at hand.
  • Our services are solution-oriented. We admire academics who explore the scientific frontiers, but that is not what we do. We want to help clients solve their problems.
  • Our services are client-oriented. Our goal is to support clients in making decisions that contribute to their successes in what they do. Unlike many service providers, including some reputable ones, we do not conduct analyses and evaluations simply for the sake of business. If a project is not in the best interest of our clients, we will express that clearly. We want to improve program operation, enable our clients to succeed, and enhance people’s lives.
  • We value objectivity. Oftentimes, data do not produce the results that we would like to see; it means we may need to make corrections. We should not shoot the messenger. We would never change the data to mold the results that clients want to see, even if that means we lose their business.

Our Team

Each of our founders has about fifteen years of experience working at either leading academic medical centers or premier think tanks. We have conducted numerous clinical and economic analyses that cover a variety of topic areas, including but not limited to kidney care, intensive care, long-term care, innovative medical care and medication management models, emerging business models (e.g., value-based care and medication subscription model), new medical technologies, workplace health (e.g., a Report to Congress), community health programs, state health programs, and nurse and nursing assistant workforce issues. We also have a pool of prominent advisors who can be tapped for projects on an as-needed basis.

We've been there. We know the best way forward.

Everything we do is driven by our mission: to support you in making decisions that contribute to your success.


In my work with Dr. Liu, I have found him to be thorough and thoughtful, taking the time to understand the narrative and backdrop that completes the story the data is telling. He started with a tremendous depth of knowledge and then dug deeper to further enhance his understanding of the issue at hand and the environmental issues impacting it. Completing the research is his ability to present the findings in an understandable fashion, connecting with the audience.

I have never worked with someone (prior to Dr. Liu) who combines three critical skills for successful project delivery: 1) Technical expertise in data analytics; 2) exceptional client relations management, and; 3) strategic approach to information dissemination. As a client hoping to evaluate our own internal data, Dr. Liu quickly understood our multiple complex data sets, while also merging them with outside publically available data, to ultimately produce a very complex and thorough data analysis. After this, he helped us target publication types of reputable journals to maximize our desired audience. This was done while calmly negotiating and obtaining consensus amongst multiple internal and external stakeholders representing conflicting interests.

I worked with Dr. Liu on an important research study and was very happy with his leadership on the project. He provided the difficult, but valuable, balance of creativity and flexibility when appropriate, with strictness and rigor when required. Through his team's diligent work we were able to get our study published in a preeminent journal for the study's topic. I would recommend his team's services to others with no hesitation.

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